The Middle East’s first F&B Accelerator Program.

What is Imago?

Imago is the the MENA region's first accelerator dedicated to growth stage Food & Beverage companies.

Imago is a growth stage accelerator that works with established Food & Beverage entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. Imago provides a strong course curriculum, growth stage financing, affiliation with strategic partners and access to the best minds in the regional F&B industry.

The 6 Concept Categories

We are looking for foodpreneurs who are operating in the following categories...

Who We Work With

  • You operate a local, home grown F&B brand
  • You have been operating for at least 2 years
  • Proven proof of concept
  • Willingness to expand your brand, either regionally or internationally
  • Founder dedicates 100% of their time on the business
  • Willingness to offer at least 10% stake in your company in return for equity based investments

What we offer

Course Curriculum

Imago’s participants work with experts from various disciplines: menu designers, marketing mavens, growth strategists, finance experts, and more. We have packed all this knowledge in a 3 month curriculum so you can learn, plan and execute.


Imago has pre-selected debt and equity based investors who will invest between $0.5 – 2 million in growth stage companies, post a successful pitch round.


From restaurateurs to consultants to chefs – Imago has bought together a team of marvelous mentors that help you accelerate your growth.

Exclusive Talks

As part of Imago, you will get exclusive access to workshops and talks by renowned local and international F&B talent.

Community & Connections

Imago aims to create a community of driven, agile business F&B leaders that can work with one another to take their businesses to the next level.

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How does it work?


Apply to the program by filling in a detailed application form. Learn more about the selection criteria and apply here.

Stage A: Plan & Learn

The first month of the program will be dedicated to laying a solid foundation to growth by creating a growth plan, setting processes in place and by one-on-one learning and mentorship sessions from the best names in the industry.

Stage B: Get Funded

After a strong growth plan is in place, entrepreneurs will pitch their growth plans to Imago’s pre-selected investors for a chance to acquire funding for growing their venture. Imago is partnered with both, equity and debt based finance providers so that participants can select their preferred method of financing.

Stage C: Implement

Once funding is sought, Imago’s entrepreneurs will implement their growth strategies with the help of mentors and partners.