About Us

Imago is an initiative of Aseel F&B, a Dubai based consultancy that is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for start-up entrepreneurs and established businesses in the Food and Beverage space.

Working with Food & Beverage concepts in the GCC over the last four years, we realized that there are a number of high growth potential start-ups that haven’t been successful in scaling their operations. Some reasons we attribute to this are:

  • Unfocused growth strategy
  • Incorrect capital allocation – investing money in the wrong areas
  • Lack of funding to support growth objectives
  • Lack of internal processes and systems to successfully grow
  • Difficulty in finding talent to expand
  • Unwillingness of founder(s) to grow beyond the first location

We believe that with the right attitude, knowledge, mentors, investors and partners, F&B companies can rapidly scale to achieve high growth.Imago was created to provide F&B entrepreneurs with the right tools, contacts and techniques to truly take their businesses to the next level.